Dog Enrichment & Dog Brain Games

Dogs need physical and mental stimulation in order to become well-adjusted animals. Unfortunately, canines who live in urban environments often lack mental stimulation and experience boredom; as a result, many dogs exhibit behaviour problems.

This page's objective is to build the largest game and enrichment data base free for everyone to consult and/or download plans. The pages are divided by experience level. Find the right level for your dog by selecting the appropriate page. NOTE: level of experience will depend on the dog's age and temperament.

On page level 1 you will find games for puppies, inexperienced adult, or seniors. Level 2 is designed for intermediate learners and level 3 is for advanced problem solvers, or what is known in our jargon as "dopamine dogs'.

If you have any ideas, plans, videos, or DIY games, please communicate with us and we will add your game or enrichment activities. If you wish to see a larger version of the pictures in the following Brain Games for dogs, please click here or visit the Brain Game photo gallery on the drop down menu. 

Homemade Dog Toys

Here is a series of DIY dog toy links. We do not try all these toys, so please be careful when constructing them and make sure your dog is safe. If you would like to propose a link, please let us know and we will add it to the list. We will update the list of sites, blogs, groups, and other Brain Game links on a continuous basis, so please come back to check what's new.

Bark Post - English
DIY Toys - English
Dog Tipper - English
Dog Vacay - English
Hersenwerk Hond - Dutch
Brain Games - English (Facebook)
Brain Games - English (Google+)

Have fun!

Store Purchased Brain Games

Many companies make dog interactive toys. At the Dogue Shop, we find those made by Nina Ottosson are particularly great. Plus, they are dishwasher friendly. We also like Kong, Trixie, and Dog Games. Not all products are sold in Canada, but they can be purchased on line.

If you know about a dog toy company not listed here, please let us know and we will add them to this page. Remember, we want to offer the largest interactive dog toy data base, in order to do so, we need your help.