Shannon Strang

Shannon Strang was originally born in Scotland however, she has spent her life bouncing from country to country including places such as Venezuela, Thailand, Africa and most recently Malaysia.

Shannon had always loved animals and when she moved to Cote d’Ivoire her family got their first dog, a small Bichon Frise named Tina. Growing up with Tina completely changed her outlook on animals and made her a more generous and sympathetic person. As well as a hedgehog named Shadow later on in life sparked her interest in exotic animals.

Growing up in so many different environments gave her an open mind on how different cultures lived and especially so in respect to animals. She has lived in places with poverty and various religious outlooks which have shed a light on global animal welfare issues.

She tried to do her part by feeding the animals on the weekends and stopping if she saw any on the streets to get them to a shelter. After Shannon saw a small kitten get run over by a car she rushed to try and get it to a hospital, unfortunately, it died in her hands, and that was the last straw.

After graduating from high school in Malaysia, Shannon moved to Montreal at 19 years old, unsure of what the next step would be, however certain she wanted to pursue something in relation to animals. She signed up to volunteer at the SPCA and adopted 2 cats, later to adopt another. She was recommended to contact Gaby at the Dogue Shop, and all the pieces fit into place from there.

Shannon is now devoting her time to studying business and sociology at Concordia University while interning at the Dogue Shop and doing 1 on 1 training through her newly established business. Shannon hopes to continue learning under the wing of Gaby and other modes of gaining new knowledge.


Shannon's CV

Experience Education Media

- Dogue Shop
Animal Trainer, 2017
Animal Behaviour Consultant, 2018
Puppy class instructor, 2018
Teen class instructor, 2018

- Memberships
Animal Behaviour Management Alliance

- Walks’ N Wags
CPR/Pet First Aid, 2018

- Dogue Shop
Dog language seminar, 2018
Animal Behaviour Apprenticeship 2, 2017
Animal Behaviour Apprenticeship 1, 2017

- Coursera
Animal Behaviour and Welfare, University of Edinburgh, 2018
The Truth about Cats and Dogs, University of Edinburgh, 2018

- Concordia University
Bachelor of Commerce Student 2018 -
Sociology Student 2018 -

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