1X 1" X 10" pine shelf, 4' long
1X 1" X 6" pine shelf, 18" long
1X Small pop bottle
1X Saw
1X Drill and drill bit (the size of the 3" or 4" screw)
10 1" Screws
1X 3" or 4" Screw (depending on the size of the pop bottle
1X Nut, same diameter as 3" screw
1X Hinge
2X 90 degree metal angles with screws
1X Door stopper (felt)


Fix the bottle to the 6" pine shelf with the 3" screw and bolt. Note: you will have to make a hole in the bottle and piece of wood). Cut the 1" X 10" piece of wood into two parts. 

Screw one piece to the other at a 90 degree angle. fix door stopper on one side of the piece of wood. On the same side, screw a small piece of wood. The hinge will attach to this piece. 

Screw the hinge to one side of the piece of wood; the hinge should be on the opposite side of the plank you chose to place the door stopper.  Here you can see that the long shelf sits on a small slant.
Now, flip the game upside-down and screw in the 90 degree metal hinges in order to solidify the game.Here is a view of the bottom part with the metal angle screwed in place.
By Suzanne Berkhout-Simoons

Dinner Box Blow-out


  • 3 Juice bottles (hard plastics only)
  • 1 Milk jug
  • 1 Milk cardboard box
  • 2 Yogurt plastic containers of variable sizes
  • 1 Large heavy cardboard box 


1. Make sure all the containers are clean and dried. If they are not dried, the food will stick to the inside. Containers difficult to empty tend to frustrate dogs. 
2. Divide your dog's meal into small amounts. In this example, you will have 7 portions of food.
3. Place the portion of food into the various containers and close them tightly. 
4. Place all the containers into the large cardboard box and close it. To make it more difficult, you can tape the box closed. 
5. Give the box to your dog and sit with them. You might need to help them a few times till they get the idea.

You can place pretty much anything in the large box and offer it as a meal "party" box. If this is too difficult for your dog, you might need to practice each container individually. 

By Gaby Dufresne-Cyr

Basket Madness


- 66 Pieces of fabric (old clothing or fleece blanket). The number of pieces will vary depending on the number of holes in your basket. 
- 1 clothing basket, or any other basket type. Avoid wooden or straw type baskets as dogs might prefer to chew the basket over finding the treat.  
- Treats or food. 


1. Take the basket and weave pieces of fabric in each hole. 
2. Only weave one side of the basket at a time. Once done, flip the basket upside down and shake the basket to mix fabric together. You might also want to use your hand to shuffle the fabric around. Make sure fabric pieces are placed tight together but not compacted.  
3. Place treats on the bottom of the basket making sure the fabric pieces cover the food. Adjust the quantity of food depending on the level of the dog. For beginners, place lots of treats, for more advanced dogs, place 1-3 treats. 

You can place other toys in the bottom along with food. The dog will start to eat the food and then find other toys to work with. If you wish to make it harder, weave fabric in every hole of the basket. This Brain Games is great for cats and rats. 

By Unknown

Ice Cube Icicles


  • 1 ice tray
  • 1 rope approximately 3' or 1 meter (adjust according to tying distance)
  • Water, chicken broth, fish water, yoghurt, Cheez whiz, or peanut butter
  • Treats, kibble, or raw food
  • 2 anchor points capable of holding frozen food in an ice tray.


1. Place treats or dog' food at the bottom of the ice tray.
2. Add the liquid to the treat and fill to top.
3. Place the rope on top of ice tray making sure you leave enough rope to distance cubes from one another. Plus, make sure each end of the ice tray has enough loose rope to tie off. The rope should be dipped into the mixture to allow for the rope to freeze the food mixture. 
4. Place in freezer and allow for complete ice cube formation.
5. Take out and suspend rope.

P.S. Cats will love this Brain Game. Simply make sure the treats, food, and liquid are adapted for felines. 

By Karyn Bourbonnais

Pull-itzer Prize 1 & 2



- 1 Empty craft box or old jewellery box without metal or sharp edges.
- 1 Hand towel, 1 Loofah, 1 massage ball, 1-2 porcupine balls, or enough toys to fill in all the compartments of the box. 
- Treats or food


1. Place treats or food in the bottom of the compartments and place toys above the treats or food. 
2. Close the box and give to the dog. For a more difficult challenge, place elastics around the box, or place the box into another container or bigger box. 
3. For an even more challenging Brain Game, place treats or food within the toys themselves. 
4. You might need to hold the box down for bigger dogs. 

Puppies love this type of game and get very good at it, very fast. You might need to adapt the Brain Game to your dog's level or make sure you offer a variety of different options. 

Bellow is a Brain Game variation some dogs or puppies might find more challenging.


- 1 Product packaging. When you buy merchandise, keep the packaging. Various materials and objects can serve as Brain Games for dogs.
- 4 Fleece or fabric strands
- 1 Loofah, 1 change purse with velcro, and 1 old sock.
- Treats or food


1. Place the treats or food within the various pieces of fabric and push them through the openings. 
2. Place the change purse into the packaging object and place the loofah and old sock to close the holes.

The more pieces of fabric you place within the packaging object, the harder and longer it will take your dog. Before you give this toy, please make sure they're no sharp edges on which your dog or puppy could get hurt. For an even harder challenge, place the packaging object on a towel roll.

By Jelien Lammers