Understand Dog Behaviour

Dog Language; Deciphering the Canine Code

The Dog Language; Deciphering the Canine Code seminar is one of our most popular events. This presentation discusses how canines communicate between themselves and people. Furthermore, the Dog Language seminar will explore language as a physical and emotional means of communication. From Active submission to Zoomorphism, we will observe various species communicate through still images and videos. 

This presentation is an interactive event which will challenge your understanding of dog communication, but more so, your perception of the human-animal bond as an organic inter-species information exchange. Dogs have been in our lives for thousands of years, yet we have only recently started to investigate our furry companion's inter-workings. 

The dog language learned at the seminar will allow you not only to understand your dog, it will allow you to talk back. Indeed, many of the dog's communication behaviours can be utilised by humans to convey information.

Next Seminar: See event calendar. For more information, you can email us or visit our store section to reserve your spot. PLEASE NOTE: this conference is a no dog event. The Seminar takes place at the Dogue Shop in Montreal.

Advanced Dog Aggression

The Dogue Shop Advanced Dog Aggression seminar goals are to differentiate between types of aggression, define serious offensive challenges, arguments, or scuffles from true attacks meant to kill. The workshop is held in Montreal.

We will explore through various case files and videos when people should intervene or let dogs settle their conflicts. We will also establish how agonistic behaviours modulate aggressive displays.

This seminar will challenge your beliefs and perceptions of dog aggression and shed light on why dogs have such an evolved and complex language.

The seminar is intended for professional trainers, behaviour consultants, dog walkers, and all other professionals. You will be given class notes, but we highly recommend you bring extra paper.

This event is a NO dog event. All cases will be video presented with intervention strategies and/or management techniques. We would like to inform you no animals were seriously injured or died in our case studies presented; however, we will explore certain situations where superficial bites occurred.

NOTE: we do not promote dog violence, nor do we support dog fighting. All videos presented are intended for educational purposes only.

For information registration please contact Gaby and she will return your e-mail. For dates, you can visit our Dogue's Events page or contact us via our submission form.

My Dog Killed My Other Dog

The My Dog Killed my Other Dog seminar will discuss the motives behind familiar dog attacks, methods of attacks for risk assessment, overcrowding, and the aftermath of dogs who have killed another dog within the same household. Examples and case studies will be presented and participants will be asked to discuss personal situations in order to dispel the topic of dog deaths within the same household. We will also address dog survival outcomes and the mourning process.

Dogs killing other dogs within the same household is more common than you think. I receive at least one e-mail a day describing the same type of situation: a younger dog has killed an older dog in a fraction of a second, often times while the owner has "stepped out" for only a moment. I've written blog posts on the topic; consequently, I have created a seminar to openly discuss the taboo topic of familiar dog aggression and death related to "unprovoked" attacks. 

This is a no dog event.

You must register for this event. You can send an e-mail to Gaby or register directly through Paypal here. A receipt will be given to participants on the day of the event. To know when the next event takes place you can visit our Calendar or Event page.

Please come to this event with an open mind and understanding as some participants might have experienced such a terrible trauma and be emotional. We will take the time to discuss mourning and how to liberate the traumatic experience for those who have witnessed the attack and death of their beloved dog.